What to Wear and How to Prepare!

Though a great photographer will make you look and feel amazing regardless of what you are wearing, it's important that you feel comfortable throughout your boudoir experience. 
Plan on bringing a variety of outfit options that can range from simple, black bra and panties to a formal gown. We will typically start out with you wearing more clothing and as you become more comfortable, we can choose from any number of outfit combinations. Bring more than you think you will use!

Here are some ideas:
* Bra & Panty set: basic black works with EVERYTHING, so I recommend everyone bring this option that can be photographed alone or paired with other clothing and accessories. Opt for high-waisted panties/shapewear if your tummy is a concern.

*Lingerie: There are countless options for lingerie including bodysuits, teddies, camisoles, and robes. All of these photograph very well, but keep things simple. Bright colors and busy patterns can be distracting.

Casual and Formal Wear: Some of my favorite photos are those where you are wearing that simple outfit that makes you feel super cute. When photographed properly, even jeans and a t-shirt can look sexy. Sheer tops look fantastic and if these pictures are for your significant other, it can be fun to sneak some of his/her clothes. If you are nervous about being too revealing, bring a few options in this category, including off the shoulder tees, tanktops/camis, a fitted button-up shirt, or a high-slit skirt or dress. Feel free to slip on something more formal while you are all dolled up!

Accessories: Have some fun! Bring along some colorful jewelry, hats, scarves, shawl/wrap/cardigan, garter belts/stockings, etc. Do you have a beautiful mask or some sexy stilettos that got tucked away at some point. This is the PERFECT opportunity to use them! Don't forget to bring some cute shoes! Those high heels are a nice way to elongate your legs.

Generally speaking, stick with more fitted clothing that shows off your curves.  Avoid clothing and accessories that are too tight as they can leave imprints and create unwanted bulges. I love flowy dresses and skirts, but make sure that top is snug. Textured clothing and accessories can add a rich, tactile element to your photos. Lace, chiffon, embroidery, and even beadwork are all fun additions.

Gearing up for your boudoir session and don't know what to wear? Read on! This is where you will find all kinds of tips and suggestions for your upcoming photos.

Always Perfectly You.

Before your boudoir session, avoid any waxing for 1-2 days as that can irritate your skin.  Make sure to schedule any hair color touch-ups and trims at least one week before your shoot. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi and feel free to bring a little white wine or champagne if that helps you to relax. Please arrive with a clean, unmoisturized face and clean, dry hair. For boudoir marathons where the hair and make up artist will be working more quickly with back-to-back ladies, please take extra time in advance to detangle your hair. If you'd like your curls straightened, that will also need to be done in advance for these quicker sessions. Please let your photographer know if you have any allergies to latex or silicone beforehand.  Remove any watches or hairbands that will leave an imprint and carefully cut out any tags from your clothing. Get ready to relax, laugh, and fall in love with yourself all over again!


Pamper & Prepare

What to Wear