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It hasn't been an easy road getting here, but I've always known that my journey would make me stronger, and I love using all of my beautiful, broken pieces and creativity to build others up. 

I'm a single mama to three awesome kiddos living in Manhattan, KS since 2011. I've run Little Leapling Photography since early 2013 and couldn't be more excited about welcoming you to TEKimages where I focus on high school seniors, couples, and my Empowerment Sessions for the Badass & Beautiful.

My photography has been featured across the globe, and while I love watching women find their voice as an advocate for self love, I also fully respect your desire to keep the intimate details to yourself. Get ready to rise up and rediscover who you were always meant to be. 

I am excited to become part of your tribe! Make sure to come join mine!

Hi, I'm Tammy!

Photo Credit: Memories by Jen Bailey

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I've learned to to stop being my own biggest bully, to forgive myself, and to roll with the punches. I've also learned that I'm happiest and healthiest when I'm reaching for the stars. I'm always working to become a better mom, friend, photographer, business owner, and overall human. I'm constantly seeking out opportunities to hone my skills and share my talent. I'm definitely a go big or go home kinda gal!

Always growing and improving


Nothing comes before my kids, but I've learned the importance of putting my oxygen mask on first. It's critical. And I want them to learn and practice self-care throughout their lives, as well. 

Me and my loves

My Family

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Find your tribe, friends. And if you can't find your tribe, create it. These are your people. You can tell them anything and they will never judge you.  They are there to remind you how amazing you are, lifting you up no matter what you are going through. 

Ladies night with some of my tribe

My Tribe

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Music and art filled an incredible amount of my time long before I became a photographer. I've always been able to pick up pretty much any art genre with success (except sewing, I hate sewing!). Drawing, painting, scuplting, singing, dancing, playing my sax...all fantastic stress relievers for me! 

Pottery is my most recent artform

All things Artsy fartsy

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My Favorite Things

I am so impressed with Tammy's professionalism and friendliness. She was patient enough to work with me and helping me to explore poses I felt comfortable and confident. She is excellent in taking the picture in the angles I like my body. It's almost like she knew what I wanted to show at the picture and she helped me getting exactly what I had in mind captured. She was fun, uplifted at all time. It is very empowering to work with someone like her that has that awakening power that support us to be and feel badass. All photos looks amazing.

outdoor boudoir | Manhattan, KS


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Working with Tammy on my Empowerment Sessions was so much fun! She made me feel gorgeous and confident and I think you can really see that in my photographs. We had a few outfit changes throughout the shoot and I really liked that I was able to showcase a few different sides of my personality that way. I love that the pictures shed my body in a light of innocence, strength and pure raw reality. I have stretch marks from my children, bruises from my past, and they show, yet I shine with a exuberance and sexuality and you can see the excitement in my eyes. I am forever grateful for my pictures and experience with my Empowerment Session.

outdoor boudoir | Manhattan, KS

Amanda O.

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Tammy is such a wonderful person, we loved working with her! Me and my husband have never taken professional photos before, so TEKimages was the first and most wonderful experience! She made everything feel so natural, comfortable and fun. Her amazing skills captured every beautiful laugh. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for some amazing memories! ❤️

Manhattan, KS | Love Joy Session

Maria & Sergio

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I wholeheartedly recommend Tammy as a photographer! I did a photo session with her over video chat as a surprise gift for my partner for his birthday (my first time doing something like that!) and it was a great experience. The session was fun and the photos came out beautiful. Tammy was encouraging, positive, and easy to work with, and she skillfully guided the photo session. She also did a fantastic job editing the final photos. Thanks so much, Tammy!

outdoor boudoir | Manhattan, KS

Yael K

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Some Kind Words